Friday 24 February 2017

Importance Of Regular Septic System Maintenance

The septic system does the job of taking the wastewater from homes and offices and transfers it into a septic tank where it is acted upon by bacteria and from there into the drainfield. Because most of the contents of the pipes and tanks within the system consist of toxic solid and liquid wastes, it is most important that the whole system works efficiently.
What Happens When A Septic System Malfunctions?
When one or more than one components of the septic system do not work as efficiently as they should, the toxic waste can escape into the atmosphere doing a whole lot of untold damage to the residents of the home, the neighbors and the environment.
Breathing in the toxic fumes that result from the waste escaping through cracks and breaks in the pipes can endanger your family's health. Besides the stench can be unbearable too.
As the effluents keep escaping, they spread keeps getting larger and can pollute the environment and the landscaping.
If left unchecked, it can ultimately damage the property and its value so if you are thinking of reselling you may not get what you expected.
You may be able to ignore it for a while but after some amount of time, you will have to attend to repairing the cracks or breaks within the pipes or tanks. The longer you leave it as it is without doing the necessary repair work, the more expensive the repair work will because.
How You Can Extend The Life Of Your Septic System
Some things you can do to extend to life of your system:
• Install shower heads and aerators that are designed to use water conservatively
• Make sure all leaks are repaired as early as possible so that water does not continue to drain out unnecessarily, which can put a large burden on the tanks and the system overall.
• Be careful of what you throw down the drain as larger items can block the passageways and cause the water to back up
• Ensure that no sewage pipes are connected to the roof drains and sump pumps as the excessive water will flow back into your kitchen and bathroom
Septic System Inspection And Maintenance Is Best Carried Out By A Professional
Unless you have experience in this field, inspecting and maintaining the septic systems regularly should be done by a professional. Not only do they have the necessary knowledge and training but they also have advanced equipment that helps them conduct the inspection and maintenance quickly, efficiently and safely.